We offer a range of branded digital lead solutions to suit our clients, from issue advocacy, to petitioning and letter writing, and have had prolonged success generating Oceania’s most effective leads.
The Fansdonate lead acquisition journey is unlike any other in the market. Our client-tailored landing pages convert at 29%, far exceeding the industry average. Each member of our team covers the entire supply chain to maximise efficiency, with your devoted/personal community manager running the analytical and creative process to reach your lead goals. Through five years of experience, we have found the necessary ratio of engagement and advocacy techniques to generate high-quality leads that will optimise your brand.
Actonit Co Reg.
Actonit Co Reg. is available for organisations who would like to take advantage of our community advocacy campaigns. These generic campaigns are extremely effective lead generators as we can petition for change without brand-constraints.
Actonit’s single-issue advocacy solutions adopt conversation focused content to achieve a highly-engaged, passionate supporter base. These leads can be purchased at a range of prices based on usage. Our multi-issue advocacy campaigns bridge the gap between a lead submitting their details and calling by requiring leads to distinguish their interests and choose your brand over competitors.
Our clients have also had great success in sponsoring Actonit content, with positive brand awareness a key motivator. Sponsoring content has primarily taken place on our exciting education and awareness solutions.
Education & Awareness
For clients who want to refrain from advocacy, or for those who would simply prefer to focus on education and awareness, we offer vote and quiz solutions. Participants are put on an engaging journey that contains the ideal mix of brand information and enjoyment. Education & Awareness solutions are vastly superior for brands looking to establish a larger and more engaged social profile.
Both these campaigns are highly flexible and can be optimised for a long life span or rapid lead generation. Our most recent quiz generated over 8500 premium leads in less than a month while our vote campaigns have consistently generated for over 12 months. These innovative campaigns can also act as ancillary lead generators to a petition campaign as they regularly feed off one another.
Dormant Member and Third Party List Re-Targeting
3rd party lead generation is a standard part of fundraising, however, the usefulness and expiration date of this tactic is limited. Fansdonate successfully retargets your existing mailing lists and 3rd party generated lists to reactivate and re-engage expired or dormant bases helping you achieve your fundraising objectives without relying on overexposure to costly additional acquisition. Re-activation in the form of single gifts and regular gifts as well as moving third party relationships to brand owned relationships are a core component of our strategic fundraising mix.
Digital Audit & Re-Calibration
We are first and foremost digital fundraising practitioners and our knowledge is both current and market leading. It makes sense that our clients regularly turn to us for best practice advice. The Fansdonate team works with you to review your existing digital footprint and recalibrate your assets to maximise giving opportunities. We take a deep dive into your data to determine how it can be best utilised to reconnect and reinvigorate your fundraising programs. We review your messaging and digital advertising impact and provide a tangible and actionable roadmap and detailed plan to allow you to lift your digital performance exponentially. We train your staff and equip them with the knowledge and expertise required to extract full value from the audit and re-calibration journey.